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Information Research and Retrieval
Penco Information Retrieval, Inc. specializes in retrieving medical, scientific & legal literature, law reviews and patents.  At Penco, we understand the need for a swift and cost-effective way to retrieve vital information.  PIR responds quickly and effectively to your information needs because we we are centrally located in the Washington metropolitan area.  This allows us daily access to many major government and university libraries.  Our convenient location enables our trained staff to concentrate their efforts on short response times for all document requests.

Response Times
We have regular, rush, super rush, and priority service depending on your time constraints.   The response times for these services vary from three (3) day delivery to same day delivery.  If you are located outside of the Washington, DC area, we will mail your request, via the carrier of your choice, according to these same response times - delivery then depends on that carrier.  Even with rapid response times, our rates remain lower than our competitors.

Placing Your Request
Requesting articles from Penco is easy. You can place your request by sending us an email to, ordering online by clicking Client Login, or calling our office. If you have a same-day turnaround request, please call our office to notify us. This notification will help us to get the information you need, when you need it. For all types of orders, use the request method of your choice.

Order Status
Upon completion of your request, we will send, along with your references, a "Completed Request - Information Sheet", (commonly referred to as "Green Sheet") informing you of any applicable information regarding the citations on your request.

If we are unable to locate your request locally via the libraries that we access, we can search for holdings at other libraries located in the United States via the Worldcat database on OCLC, upon your request. We will note exactly what was generated by the OCLC search on your "Green Sheet" when we deliver your request and when applicable we will deliver a copy of the resulting OCLC search printout.

We have several different types of delivery. These include courier, U.S. Postal Service, UPS, Federal Express and fax. Please indicate which type of delivery you would prefer us to use. Our standard delivery method is via courier for clients located within the Washington, DC area and via FedEx for clients who are located outside the Washington, DC area.
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